We are an Irish owned company with over 30 years joint experience in the care industry.  Having provided high quality residential care, with emphasis on staff training, we are now expanding to providing professional staff to other healthcare sector bodies. We provide qualified professional staff of the highest standard whom will have been fully screened and Garda vetted to enable us to set the highest standards in our field. 

At MCMA we are proud to offer customers the highest level of service exceeding national standards, and working in line with Best Practice in care principles. Each of our staff undergo an-in-depth Interview process, which ensures we at MCMA to get to know our staff very well and can have an excellent client – staff compatibility standard. We currently have an extremely high migration rate with staff regularly moving on to fulfill full time contracts with customers. We attribute this to the comprehensive Interview process which on average takes four to six weeks for each candidate to complete.

MCMA's Equality Policy

Equality Policy


MCMA is an Equal Opportunities Employer. As such it is committed to Equality of Opportunity for existing and potential employees. The purpose of this Equal Opportunity/Diversity Policy is to create a workplace which provides for Equal Opportunities for all staff and potential staff and where their dignity is protected and respected at all times.

All persons regardless of Gender, Civil status, Family status, Race, Religious beliefs, Sexual Orientation, Disability, Age, or Membership of the Travelling Community will be provided with equality of access to employment and also encouraged and assisted to achieve their full potential. We will continue to foster a genuine culture of Equality.



The aim of the policy, in terms of employment, is to ensure that no job applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment on any grounds which cannot be shown to be justified. This applies to Recruitment and Selection, Training, Promotion, Pay and Employee Benefits, Employee Grievances and Discipline Procedures and all Terms and Conditions of Employment.


The responsibility for ensuring the provision of Equality of Opportunity rests primarily with MCMA as an employer. Managers and Supervisors have particular responsibility to engender respect for difference and to accommodate Diversity where appropriate.

All staff have an important role to play in ensuring Equality of Opportunity throughout MCMA. It is also recognised that individual employees on behalf of MCMA have responsibilities in law and are:

  1. Required to co-operate with any measures introduced by MCMA to promote Equal Opportunities.
  2. Must not themselves, either directly or indirectly, discriminate against fellow employees or harass or intimidate them in any way.



MCMA is committed to ensuring that appropriate arrangements are in place for effective implementation, monitoring and review of the policy.

This policy will be communicated at every level within MCMA.


Recruitment and Selection


MCMA will select those suitable for employment solely on the basis of merit. Any job advertisements, application forms and publicity material will encourage applications from all suitable candidates and will not discriminate intentionally or unintentionally against any group or individual on any unjustifiable grounds. The objective is to ensure that all candidates have Equality of access to all job vacancies.

Where possible and practicable, efforts will be made to ensure that interview panels are balanced and that interviewers are trained to conduct interviews in a non-discriminatory way and that questions will relate to the requirements of the job.

Relevant questions will be asked of all candidates and evaluated in the same way and interviewers will be careful not to ask questions which might be taken as discriminatory.

Selection will be on merit and those who are successful shall demonstrate their suitability for employment according to pre-determined job-related selection criteria which will be consistently applied throughout the recruitment process.

Equality of Opportunity will also include accommodating, where possible, the special needs of individuals to facilitate their participation in the Recruitment and Selection process.

“Three Steps provide residential services to children with complex needs. In order to provide excellent services we require high energy motivated staff with an aptitude to understand all presenting needs of our young people. At times it is necessary to avail of temporary staff from an agency to continue the momentum for our client group when our own staff team members are not available. MCMA are proficient at providing temporary staff with a high ability to provide a nurturing environment in a consistent manner. We are confident in engaging the services of MCMA as they are extremely professional and clearly understand the needs required of our service. Staff from MCMA smoothly transition into the staff team and avail of every opportunity to learn and engage our young people with the interventions in place to support and enhance their lives.”